How the winner is selected.

The weekly competition is open from Monday to Sunday every week. The votes is calculated every Sunday at 00:00 UTC. The top voted film in each competition will be the winner. A video can not win two weeks in a row.

Submission deadline

We have no submission deadline you can submit a film at any time.

Voting period

The voting period is individual for each film. The voting period starts when the film is approved. When a film is approved it has seven days to collect votes. If the seven day voting period overlap into the upcoming week the video will be included in next week's results as well.

What happens if I win?

Congratulations, you're entitled to use the Awardeo laurel and you will have the weekly bragging rights. We will promote your film on the Awardeo homepage, newsletter and social media feeds.

Are all video submissions published on Awardeo.tv?

No, not all videos submitted are published on the website. We review all videos before they appear on Awardeo.tv. If your video is accepted you will recieve an email with the url to your submission. Due to the overwhelming number of submissions we cannot guarantee that your film will be viewed or accepted to the competition. We apologise in advance if your film isn't published on the website. Awardeo reserves the right to disqualify and remove harmful, offensive, low quality submissions and videos who we believe are cheating the voting system.

What kind of videos are you looking for?

We're simply looking for great stories and high quality videos from all categories.

How do I upload a video?

Sign in/register with your Vimeo account. A grid with your uploaded Vimeo videos is displayed. Select the video to submit and select the competition.

How do I vote for a video?

To cast a vote you need to conect your Facebook and/or your Twitter account. Simply press the green vote button and follow the instructions.

Where can I find your Terms of Service and Privacy Policy?

Rigth here

Do you have more questions?

Send an email to hello@awardeo.tv and we’ll be happy to lend a hand!

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